Daniel is always approachable and knowledgeable; he is my go-to guy for many legal issues. When I needed help for a wrongful dismissal, Daniel provided through counsel and represented me toward a successful settlement.

Chris Lebert

Daniel English has been my go-to paralegal advisor and has helped me in more ways than I originally imagined possible.

N. Eramo

Daniel English is overtly logical, almost to a fault, as he expects the same from his clients. This characteristic is a significant asset when providing legal advocacy.

Bryan C.

Daniel’s understanding of the law was phenomenal. He was efficient and polite. I obtained a best outcome situation.

Cristiano Santos

Daniel was diligent, reliable, and extremely focused. Although a number of firms advertise their “expertise”, my findings were to the contrary. Daniel was well worth the cost, he is a pleasure to deal with, and I strongly recommend him.

Shelley R., CFO

My concerns were put first; I was treated as a friend rather than as a number; I was reassured throughout the process and had a great outcome. Daniel was extremely knowledgeable, professional and prompt. I could not have asked for more competent counsel.

Sandy S.

I have used Mr. English’s legals services in the past and was very content with them. I would definitely use him again.

Albert Lombardi