Employment Law

You should obtain an informed opinion of your employment situation before speaking with your employer, quitting your job, or litigating if you were already terminated. In civil law, employment disputes for wrongful or constructive dismissal are usually nuanced and can be very complex. The employment landscape often requires navigation by a legal representative with current knowledge of legal concepts and relevant law, and an ability to use persuasive language and negotiating techniques, which avoid delays and advance legitimate rights.

Raising issues with your employer can backfire if your employer feels threatened by you — seek advice.

Quitting your job may have unexpected rewards attainable via litigation depending upon the circumstances and the way or the timing by which you quit — seek advice.

Litigating without a comprehensive consideration of both the law and the “math” of your specific situation can cause you to lose money or leave money on the table — seek advice.

Your employer may be required to reinstate you or compensate you accordingly if you were subject to discrimination that violates the human rights code — seek advice.

For employers – did you know that you are required to accommodate specific, protected human rights to a point of undue hardship? Do you know what “undue hardship” means? Seek advice

Daniel English of YLAW brings a quarter century of business experience in addition to ten years of legal experience into an appraisal of your employment situation. You can expect a considered and careful opinion about how best to advocate for your rights and, in some cases, get what you are owed.