Bad Debt

A debt owed is a core problem. When amicable negotiation fails, it’s time to solve the problem by taking action get the money you are owed.

Unpaid debts affect a business’s profitability.

Personal loans not repaid make one’s life less manageable.

YLAW is not a collection agency and, as such, YLAW neither works on large contingency margins nor buys bulk accounts hoping to chisel out a profit through sheer volume of effort of pressuring alleged debtors. If you are accustomed to using collection agencies, YLAW offers a different approach.

For individuals, YLAW will address the debtor reasonably yet holding out the prospect of litigation in order to, ultimately, recover the money owed.

For companies, YLAW will negotiate a fee structure, which is “back-end” loaded, which makes the initial steps of debt recovery cost-effective, relying on persuasion rather than obtuse threats. An educated debtor is more likely to comprehend the sense of paying a debt and less likely to ignore the problem.

YLAW provides:

Expert negotiation

Legal action

Judgment Enforcement

Alternative payment schedules for businesses