Small Claims Court

Ontario Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice and processes almost 50% of all provincial civil claims. It has jurisdiction of monetary claims up to $35,000.00. Participants may bring or defend a claim efficiently and cost effectively. YLAW can assist you to navigate the court’s procedures to optimize the efficiency and efficacy of your action.

If you believe you are owed money, you can litigate for up to and including $35,000.00. For an amount over $35,000.00, Superior Court of Justice may be required. You may, however, file a claim in Small Claims Court for over $35,000.00 if you are willing to waive the amount in excess of $35,000.00

Breached agreements leading to monies owed include:

— goods or services sold and delivered but not paid for

— loans unpaid

— bad cheques

Damages claimed include:

— damage to physical property

— personal injuries

— loss stemming from a contract breach

YLAW will take you through the litigation process of:

(1) Drafting your Plaintiff’s claim or defence to a claim as a situation gives rise. Preparation of a cogent argument with supporting evidence is half the battle. Expert help early can be the difference between success or failure. Self-represented litigants often wait far too long before reaching out for advice. Start early and get started right.

(2) Advocating for you at a court mandated settlement conference. Settlement conferences are required but are, often, underrated by the litigants. A settlement conference can be a game changer if approached properly. A judge can be requested to, for example, add or delete parties to the action, stay an action, amend a claim or defence, issue an order for the production of evidence, or order costs. A savvy legal representative can glean insights into the other party’s case, which can be invaluable at trial. And, of course, the matter can settle, saving time, money and providing peace of mind.

(3) Representing you at trial, if need be. Trials introduce formalities to litigation which, if unknown or unheeded, can prejudice the proceedings against you and lead to failure. YLAW brings years of litigation experience in terms of argumentation, presentation, and preparation, optimizing the possibility of success.