Daniel English

Your money and your peace of mind go together. Except when they don’t. Sometimes the dissonance is because you have a legal problem requiring a legal remedy.

Why consider the law? Law introduces form into reality. Law organizes difficulties into manageable situations. YLAW executes legal expertise and makes difficult situations right.

You may be owed money.

Someone may have wronged you.

As a landlord, you want to protect your investment.

As a tenant, you may need the protection of the law to provide peace of mind.

As an employee, you may have not received your due.

As an employer, you may want advice on best practices.

YLAW is a paralegal entity brandname operated by Daniel English, a Law Society of Ontario licensee. Daniel English and YLAW provide legal services addressing particular legal issues within the permissible scope of the license of a paralegal which, to some extent, may involve Tort Law, Consumer Law, Business & Commerce, Residential Tenancies, Provincial Offences, Administrative Law, Employment Law, and Human Rights issues, within the Province of Ontario.

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