YLaw is the paralegal practice of Daniel English.  Daniel is a paralegal, licensed by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), who carries firm beliefs on the importance of quality legal representation.  Daniel has an undergraduate degree from, and was in graduate school at, the University of Toronto.  Accordingly, Daniel strongly believes in the merits of education and is an advocate of accessible education for all.

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I provide legal services and, thereby, solve your problem through my expertise.  When you retain me, you also reduce stress because I manage the details for you.  My goal is to provide personal attention on every case to exceed your expectations with my services.

As YLaw, I strive to work meticulously to make you comfortable with both the process and the results.  I keep your best interests in mind.

My young children attend public school where they benefit from involvement with a diverse student body and enjoy various extracurricular activities.  Education intersects with law as both contributes to fair treatment, access to justice and are cornerstones of democracy, where every person can have their say which, occasionally, can entail having their day in court.

I bring a 20+ year career anchored in sales and marketing featuring experience as an executive director of an NGO and a sales director in a competitive business context.  Therefore, when advising or representing businesses in terms of contract breaches, bad debts, tortious conduct or wrongful dismissal, I bring plenty of common sense and practical experience inanition to legal expertise.

In my spare time, I like to help my children in their lives and, during quieter moments, read various fiction and write with a view to becoming a published novelist."

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